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Heroes of Steel: New Crafting System!

This major update releases the new Crafting system for Heroes of Steel!  Any smith in the Underdeep can now help you enchant mundane weapons and armor with powerful enchantments.  To complete such a crafting, you must help the smith by feeding 2 Bloodstone Crystals into his or her forge.

You may also influence the results of the smith's crafting by providing a piece of magical gear to "tune" the process.  You will want to input a piece of magical gear that has the kind of magical properties that you want to see on the resulting magical weapon or armor.  For example, if you want a weapon with +Ice Dmg, then you should provide a tuning item with +Ice Dmg, or +Crit % etc.  The tuning will not always be exact, but it will help guide the smith's hand.  Tuning is optional, you can also just allow the smith to do his or her best and accept the result.

Therefore, the inputs to a crafting are:
- One mundane weapon, shield or armor
- Two Bloodstone Crystals
- Optionally, one piece of magical gear to tune the crafting

All crafting is final and destroy all input items!  Make sure you like your selection before you go forward!

The new crafting system is a late game add.  Many players of Heroes of Steel have groups near the end of the game.  For those groups, this new crafting system may seem over-powered.  You might be sitting on 40 Bloodstones and have 20 crafting runs back to back.  You're going to get some pretty amazing enchantments without a doubt.  You may even be able to replace a lot of your weapons and armor!  While it may seem a little tilted for veteran groups, this system is being rolled in with new groups in mind, and crafting is intended to help these groups "fill the gaps" throughout the game -- when you really need a new, powerful bow but just can't find one, or your tank is getting slammed with damage and you need that extra armor.

Throughout the game, it is estimated that you might get 20 crafting events if you are thorough collecting Bloodstones.  So, use them well, and don't make the mistake of hording all your stones to the very end of the game.  Legendary equipment still trumps crafted equipment, so be sure to use your crafting opportunities wisely and throughout the game.

For those groups waiting for content after Freeport, our next big release will include the next chunk of story content.  We may need to do a few bug releases after this major update, we shall see!

v4.3.1. - 3/13/2107
 - New Crafting System: visit any smith to craft
 - Crafting create mighty enchantment from mundane Weapon or Armor with magical power
 - Each Crafting costs 2 Bloodstones, tuned with magical gear; use your Bloodstones wisely
 - Thousands of new magical weapon and armor possibilities
 - Magical weapons can now add +Move Points, +Dodge, +Parry and +Stealth
 - Improved all Legendary Items for Heroes
 - Boost-In to Episode 2 gains +10 Bloodstones
 - Fixed bugs in Talent detail display with magical weapons
 - Fixed many typos

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Of course, you'll run out of Bloodstones eventually, so use them wisely.  There is only one way to get more -- further adventuring and scouring of the Underdeep for their red, glinting glow!


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