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Templar Battleforce v2.6.15 - New Faces + End Turn Confirm + SP Display

This week's update, we've dropped two new awesome faces into the game for your squads.  You can now pick from over 40 helmets and faces to build a completely unique character for every Templar in your Battleforce.

Upon player request, we've added a safeguard to the End Turn button.  If you try to end your turn with less than 50% of your squad's AP spent, a confirmation will appear, asking you to click again to confirm the action.  This can help you avoid ending your turn accidentally.

We've improved the data shown on the Objectives screen.  We've now included the +SP you are gaining every turn from Tact Points so you can do precision calculations about when you can deploy new Templars or call in Ordnance.

Thanks to everyone leaving a review for helping to spread the word about Templar Battleforce.  We really appreciate the players who made these suggestions -- you're helping us continually improve the game!

v2.6.15 - 3/16/2017
 - Added 2 new Faces to the Templar Designer - now pick among 40 faces and helmets!
 - End Turn now requires confirmation if your squad has spent less than 50% of its AP
 - Improved Objectives Screen, +SP per Turn from Tact Points now displayed
 - Fixed issues with overlapping achievements

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