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Templar Battleforce v2.6.17: More Permadeath Options + New Faces

Of course, permadeath is always on for higher difficulties.  However, this week we've enabled permadeath option for Normal and Easy difficulties.  We're excited to deliver on this highly requested feature from the player base.  This allows you to play any difficulty in the game with permadeath enabled, and enjoy the unforgiving nature of Templar Battleforce regardless of difficulty.  Thanks to all of our players who have requested this!

We have also tweaked the timing on the End Turn confirmation button.  It was a little too tight in its loop which could cause you to have to spam the button sometimes to end your turn.

In additional, we have added two more faces to the roster, bringing the total of faces and helmets now up to 42.

Thanks to everyone for their support and especially for those leaving reviews!

v2.6.17 - 3/25/2017
 - Added 2 new Faces to the Templar Designer - now pick among 42 faces and helmets!
 - Added option in New Game to enable Permadeath for Easy and Normal Difficulties
 - Play with Permadeath enabled on any difficulty level!
 - Improved timing and handling of Confirm End Turn with 50% unspent AP
 - Fixed occasional crash in story scenes

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