Friday, April 28, 2017

Heroes of Steel v4.4.3: More Bloodstones and Patches!

Following up the major story expansion over the weekend, we're dropping a big patch release to wrap up all the reported issues!  Thanks for your patience with the bugs, we're lucky to be able to respond and fix so quickly.

We also took the opportunity to add +16 new Bloodstones across Episode 1.  The clamor and cry for "more Bloodstones" is pretty strong, and this is a great way to introduce the crafting system into the first Episode, which was locked up until at least the start of Episode 2.

If you happened to have an issue with Vincent's new Legendary Weapon, just reload your game -- it will appear either in his hand or in your inventory.  Our apologies about this ghosting bug!

Thanks to everyone leaving a review!

v4.4.3 - 4/28/2017
 - Added 16 new Bloodstones to Episode 1 - craft early and often!
 - Fixed issues with Vincent's Legendary Weapon - reload game
 - Fixed Head Taker's Boon and Words of Holy Bond items
 - Fixed issue with leveling talents, re-ordering group after new story events
 - Fixed issues with Crafted Armors, uncraftable armors, weapon names
 - Fixed exit from Ruins of Platinum Peak, impassible tiles in Great Salt Flats, empty chests

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Heroes of Steel: Major Story Expansion!

We are excited to drop a major Episode 4 story update this weekend. Adding 12 new dungeons, crawling with 15 new enemy types and some majorly nasty bosses, the enemies here will test your late-game groups' strength and endurance.  Across the new territory, there are more than 120 new possible loot drops, as well as story arcs that result in Legendary Items for both Kyera and Vincent.

To get started, if you have a group already in Freeport, visit the main palace or find Balgair at the tavern to talk to him about Laranda d'Colliar.

This is another major step forward in the story, and it is packed full of completely new and exciting stuff.  We've been pressing the limit as far as we can, and can't wait for everyone to experience the final chapter.

After this update, we are planning a few quick releases to improve early-game crafting, and then we will be done some smaller updates to ramp up to the final story update for Episode 4 and in fact, for the game!

Please report any bugs or issues you have, we will work hard to fix them fast.

Thanks to everyone leaving a review for the game!

v4.4.1 - 4/14/2017
 - Epic Episdoe 4 Expansion Pack, the penultimate story update!
 - Start new story arc by visiting the Crone at palace in Freeport
 - Meet with Laranda d'Colliar by meeting with Balgair in Freeport tavern
 - Added 12 new dungeons
 - Crawling with 15 new monster types and major bosses
 - Added 120+ new epic weapons, armor and gear
 - New Legendary Items story events for Kyera, Vincent
 - Fixed tons of map bugs and typos

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Save 50% on Templar Battleforce on Steam + Update 67!

This week, we're jumping in on a weeklong sale to give you 50% off savings on Templar Battleforce.  And we're pairing that with a juicy update -- our 67th update since launch.

With this update, we've introduced a new and very unique Relic for your Scouts and Engineers.  Usually, the Sensorkit Scan Talent cannot be used when Overheated and causes +6 Heat.  The new Typhoon Scanner Relic changes both of those rules -- you can use Sensorkit Scan at any time regardless of Heat, and the Talent does not cause any Heat.  Adding an extra +6% Critical as well, the Typhoon Scanner is perfect for speed operations, looking ahead and keeping an eye on your flanks.

In addition, we've upgraded the Permadeath option for new games to allow it to turn on Ironman Permadeath.  The more we talked to our gamers, the more we found the players wanted a way to play the game with the [i]hardest possible[/i] permadeath option, but at any difficulty.  So, we've made some changes and are rolling out a new update to allow this.  As you know, Shalun favors the brave!

We've also improved the Captain's model when carrying a Needling Sidearm to look like a Needler.  And, your Overwatching Templars and Turrets now fire a more impressive burst of shots when defending territory.

Thanks to all of our supporters and for everyone leaving a review!

 - Added new Relic: Typhoon Scanner allows Scouts / Engineers to use Scan without Heat cost
 - Option in new game to enable Permadeath turns on Ironman Permadeath (no retreat, all deaths permanent)
 - Updated Overwatch firing animation to shoot a burst of bullets
 - Updated model for Captain's Needling Sidearm to look and act like Needler

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Vigilante Sky pg 17 + New CYOA Poll

Our Patreons have spoken (voted) and Julia and Orchid are having a playful conversation about what type of knife is best to deter drunken sailors in the Spice Hall. Derrick (in the top panels) catches the first glimpse of the monster sandstorm bearing down on the ship and meeting site.

Thanks to everyone supporting us on Patreon and participating in the Vigilante Sky project. I can't express how much working on the art for this project is teaching me. It is constantly forcing me to try new perspectives, new subjects, repetitively draw the same character -- all so good for me as an artist -- so thank you!

Last week's character building poll was a success and I'd like to do a few more of those to help get some ideas about the other officers. I have to introduce the last crew member Argus soon, so I'd like to take a poll -- where is he and what is he doing during the last 17 pages?

Join us on Patreon for as little as $2 / month to vote on polls, or $1 a month to get a monthly digital wallpaper!

Here are some suggestions:

A) Hard at work in the engine compartment, fixing something that broke during landing.

B) Taking a rest in the engine compartment, smoking a spice tobic.

C) Playing Pilot on the bridge and smoking a spice tobic.

D) Tinkering with some exciting gadget invention that might come in use later.

E) Write ins!

As a reminder, here is Argus' profile, as voted in by the Patreons --

Argus "duct-tape' Rawlins
-- An excellent mechanic who can fix almost anything with basic materials and his superior knowledge. Often able to grok-and-use new equipment or machinery with only a few minutes.
-- Lives life with a very jolly demeanor and a twinkle in his eye
-- From the world of Mettsa Prime, and bears its incredibly thick accent, at times almost unintelligible (I will put subtitles in the comic if needed )
-- Stocky, heavy set, huge shoulders and hands like hams. Under his mechanics garb, he is hirsute.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Vigilante Sky pg 16 and new CYOA Poll

The votes on the choice on page 15 have been cast, and the radio interference is coming from a major brewing sandstorm. This page, we're sticking to the outside of the ship and moving through introductions for 3 of the 4 new officers that were created in the recent officer poll.

We'll get to Argus and the sandstorm soon and then gun straight for wrapping this endless scene up and moving on!

Took some extra time with this page to get a really strong feeling for reach character. Derrick doesn't like crow's nest duty, but he's good at it. I am especially happy with Julia's casual lean while driving.

This page's Choice Poll for Patreons wth voting rights ($2+) is a little on the lighter side and a bit of character building. What are Orchid and Julia arguing about? I hope we can keep this on the rails and make sure it stays cool for our all of our readers. Remember to check out their officer profiles here so we can try to build on their starting character.

Some ideas:
  • Who would win if they were in a knife fight?
  • Who is more annoying, Thulun or Steel Song men?
  • Orchid asked about Julia's navy discharge -- bad subject!
  • Something funny or character building!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

March Patreon Wallpaper

This months' Patreon wallpaper previews a new ship coming to Star Traders 2 soon, the Solar Predator. This beautiful design was first built by Alta Mesa Star Forges back in the Galactic Core. It is one of the designs that their ship wrights carried across the long dark of the Great Exodus and brought back to life in the new orbital foundries.

Prized by pirates, a beloved blockade runner -- it is the Solar Predator!

If you're a Patreon, snag the ZIP with all 3 sizes - 1920x1200, 1920x1080 and 800x1200 for mobile.

Thanks to all of our month supporters!