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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Save 50% on Templar Battleforce on Steam + Update 67!

This week, we're jumping in on a weeklong sale to give you 50% off savings on Templar Battleforce.  And we're pairing that with a juicy update -- our 67th update since launch.

With this update, we've introduced a new and very unique Relic for your Scouts and Engineers.  Usually, the Sensorkit Scan Talent cannot be used when Overheated and causes +6 Heat.  The new Typhoon Scanner Relic changes both of those rules -- you can use Sensorkit Scan at any time regardless of Heat, and the Talent does not cause any Heat.  Adding an extra +6% Critical as well, the Typhoon Scanner is perfect for speed operations, looking ahead and keeping an eye on your flanks.

In addition, we've upgraded the Permadeath option for new games to allow it to turn on Ironman Permadeath.  The more we talked to our gamers, the more we found the players wanted a way to play the game with the [i]hardest possible[/i] permadeath option, but at any difficulty.  So, we've made some changes and are rolling out a new update to allow this.  As you know, Shalun favors the brave!

We've also improved the Captain's model when carrying a Needling Sidearm to look like a Needler.  And, your Overwatching Templars and Turrets now fire a more impressive burst of shots when defending territory.

Thanks to all of our supporters and for everyone leaving a review!

 - Added new Relic: Typhoon Scanner allows Scouts / Engineers to use Scan without Heat cost
 - Option in new game to enable Permadeath turns on Ironman Permadeath (no retreat, all deaths permanent)
 - Updated Overwatch firing animation to shoot a burst of bullets
 - Updated model for Captain's Needling Sidearm to look and act like Needler

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