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Vigilante Sky pg 16 and new CYOA Poll

The votes on the choice on page 15 have been cast, and the radio interference is coming from a major brewing sandstorm. This page, we're sticking to the outside of the ship and moving through introductions for 3 of the 4 new officers that were created in the recent officer poll.

We'll get to Argus and the sandstorm soon and then gun straight for wrapping this endless scene up and moving on!

Took some extra time with this page to get a really strong feeling for reach character. Derrick doesn't like crow's nest duty, but he's good at it. I am especially happy with Julia's casual lean while driving.

This page's Choice Poll for Patreons wth voting rights ($2+) is a little on the lighter side and a bit of character building. What are Orchid and Julia arguing about? I hope we can keep this on the rails and make sure it stays cool for our all of our readers. Remember to check out their officer profiles here so we can try to build on their starting character.

Some ideas:
  • Who would win if they were in a knife fight?
  • Who is more annoying, Thulun or Steel Song men?
  • Orchid asked about Julia's navy discharge -- bad subject!
  • Something funny or character building!


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