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Heroes of Steel v4.4.5: Improving Legendary Item + Patches

First off, Heroes of Steel is 75% off on Google Play today!  Don't miss this hot deal.

Second off, a big thanks to the player who pointed out the issue with Kyera's legendary items.  Certainly, they weren't supposed to have +1 SP ... no, that was intended to be +1 Move Point (MP).  Bingo!  Major upgrade, have fun.

Third, we've released a set of patches based on player feedback.  We've fixed a few issues in the latest E4 story content related to dying in a boss fight and choosing to Restore.

We've also made some fixes to the crafting system, which was having some odd display issues with certain types of armor, hiding their bonuses after crafting was complete and confusing players in a  big way.

And, if you're at the end of the Episode 4 content and have a Talent point to spent for Kjartan, Vincent, Tamilin or Selen, you ca now spend it!  Sorry about that bug.

Thanks to everyone leaving a review!

v4.4.5 - 5/15/2016
 - Fixed Kyera's legendary items to have +1 Move Point bonus
 - Re-fixed issue with leveling Sneak or Mystic Talents after story event
 - Fixed issues with spikes on Tower Battlements and repeat dialogs after Restore
 - Fixed issue with disappearing Stealth and Dodge bonuses in Crafting display
 - Fixed map bugs and typos

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