Templar Battleforce v2.6.23 + Patreon Raffle

This week, we've dedicated the release to catching up on feedback from the community.  We've fixed a number of bugs that were reported -- issues with the Turret counts reported on the map, issues with Reactor Jolt providing too much +MP in some cases, and fixing some scrolling issues that were making the Talent table annoying to use in some cases.

Also, we've rebalanced the starting SP cost of Scouts to 400.  This has a lot of different effects -- it means that they will be a little more expensive to deploy from a Tact Point, but when it comes to Swap it means that they will be 1-for-1 with Soldiers and they carry a little more SP currency if you are planning to swap up to a Hydra, Neptune, Paladin or Berserk.  It's a small change, but from the testing we've done here, it has a very positive effect on the Swap economy.

Finally, we've added a line to your Templar's status that summarizes all of the Fire / Plasma / Radiation resistances that you gain from your Armor, Gear, and Buffs.

Our Patreon raffle ran this morning and Jewel and Ozwryx won an invitation to join the ranks of the Templar Militant.  Keep an eye out of their faces coming soon.

Thanks to all of our supporters and especially to everyone leaving a review!

v2.6.23 - 5/12/2017
 - Increased SP cost of Scouts to 400 to match Soldiers
 - Added details on Fire / Radiation / Plasma Res to Templar status
 - Added unused MP to the Confirm End Turn message
 - Fixed messages about turret counts
 - Fixed scrolling issues in Talent tables

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