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Vigilante Skies pg 18 + New CYOA Poll

Page 18 wraps up on the Patreon vote to have Julia and Orchid chuckling over which knife is best to run off drunken sailors in the Spice Hall. From here, we will be moving on to the resolution of this scene and episode!

The votes in the latest poll have been tallied as we prep for the introduction of Argus Rawlins. With 4 votes, Argus laid down for a short nap in the engine compartments and is dreaming of something nice. A half smoked tobic still smoldering and he is about to get woken up by the ship's alarm.

As the arc of the end of the scene is pretty well set already by the Patreon's decisions (stay and deliver the data cube, lock up the bounty hunter, sandstorm coming in hot), we'll keep doing a few more character and crew building polls. So here goes --

Who is the newest member on the crew? I'd like to have one crew member joined very recently and still working to gain the trust of the others. You can see all the crew bios on this Patreon post .

A) Orchid - was assigned patrol with Julia so that they could get to know each other.
B) Julia Aurelius - was assigned patrol with Orchid so that they could get to know each other.
C) Argus Rawlins - shouldn't be napping on the job if he's a new mate!
D) Raven LeClaire - medical officer who was captured by bounty hunter
E) Apone "Zippo" Mitchel - ace pilot, I wonder where the old pilot went?
F) Derrick Mendoza - hopefully not this guy, as he has been the team's longstanding bodyguard!

If you're pledging $2 or more for voting rights, please post your comments here, mail me, or post them on our forum!

If you're on our forum, there is a lot of chatter going on about the pages and votes on this forum thread .


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