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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Vigilante Skies: new Page and CYOA Poll

Pg 19 of Vigilante Skies returns to the C-Bay 4 and gets the action moving forward on the data cube drop off. Patch up, Captain Ava gears up to head out with Raven in the RTV. Apone heads for the bridge.

This page includes a nod of the head to the results of the last poll, in which Apone was elected to be the greenest member of the crew, pretty recently brought aboard and not yet completely trusted or integrated.

With the arc of this scene pretty well defined by Patreon votes (stay and deliver the data cube, lock up the bounty hunter, sandstorm coming in hot) I'm going to run another crew-building poll. In the next couple panels we'll get back to choices directly related to the action.

What is the name of the ship? In the page it was named as the Vigilant but that doesn't work really well with Vigilante Skies, which was added as the comic's name later. So, we're taking suggestions for the ship's name! Shoot, and remember to vote for other Patreon's suggestions as well.

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