Templar Battleforce v2.6.25 - New Combat Log

With this release, we've introduced a combat log to the game that is happy to share all the game's internal numbers with you.  It currently contains all attack, damage, special damage rolls (Fire, Bio-Poison, etc), and Critical Multipliers on damage.  Thanks to all of the community members who suggested formats and data they wanted to see!  We're not done with the log, but we wanted to get this first and extremely valuable piece out and in place.  We know we're going to be adding:
- All Tact Point activities (attack, defense upgrades)
- Penetration and Deflection numbers with each attack
- Your suggestions!

During building out the combat log, we found a few bugs with armor, ranged attacks, and penetration % from Buffs and Gear. Damage against high level targets with tougher armor will be slightly lower, unless you're scoring penetrating hits.

We've also fixed issues with the Reactor Jolt Ordnance and the Deep Cover Operative Resupply Ordnance.  Thanks to our players who reported!

Thanks to everyone leaving a review and sharing the game!

v2.6.25 - 6/10/2017
 - Added full combat log, showing all attack, damage, critical hit numbers
 - Fixed issues with enemy armor in ranged attacks and Penetration bonuses
 - Fixed bug with Reactor Jolt Ordnance used at low AP/MP levels
 - Fixed bug with Deep Cover Operative Resupply

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