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Templar Battleforce v2.6.27: Mighty New Relic + Combat Log

If you love your melee Captain, or have an unstoppable Auto-Block Paladin on your team, today is your day.  This week's release includes the new Cascading Tact Relic.  This superior Tactical System allows either a Captain or a Paladin to have unlimited counter-attacks against enemies!  It comes at a hefty price of 7 Gear Levels, but its a worthy trade-off.

A big thanks to all of our players who have made suggestions and pointed out issues in the combat log.  This first update fixes a ton of little issues, clarifies some things, and adds a new line that includes the exact Deflection and Penetration numbers, so you can see the exact numbers used when rolling for Penetrating hits.

Please share a review if you are enjoying the game and the updates!

v2.6.27 - 6/19/2017
 - Added new Relic: Cascading Tact for Paladins and Captains, unlimited counter-attacks
 - Fixed combat log position on mobile screens
 - Fixed issue with Templar melee defense showing as 0s in combat log
 - Fixed issues with rounding errors in Critical Multiplier (6%) in combat log
 - Fixed issue damage and armor ranges being off by 1 in combat log

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