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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Vigilante Skies Comic - initiating the smuggler's drop

With a sandstorm closing in, the crew leaps into action to complete the smuggler's drop off. Preferring to stay in close, Derrick has come down from the crow's next. Time to do business.

Really enjoyed the whipping antennas in this one. Thanks to Singapore and German military for inspirations. Thanks to @dayan for providing the technical specs on Derrick's AR177.
Last week's poll was a zoo with all sorts of creative names coming in across the wires. In the end, Space Girl won out. Uhhhhh lol. Should I have known better? I think I will learn to love it!

I have some retcon to do to get the ship's name into original pages. I am also going work on dialog in earlier pages as well, because unless you read the post notes along with each page, the story about Mercury Third is completely impossible to pick up.

This week, I've decided to skip on the CYOA poll. I've never tried a project like this before, and I feel like the story is current backed into a corner a bit too much for a good poll right now. Hopefully, we can add one next week. As always, the story is CYOA, so you're suggestions on what you think might / could / should happen are welcome :D You've gotten us this far!


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