Sunday, July 23, 2017

Templar Battleforce v2.6.33 - Balance and Patches

Welcome new players!  After the Steam Summer Sale, we've had a big influx of new Templar Captains on the ground and fighting for the cause.  That always brings out some new and helpful balancing discussions and finds a few more bugs that had still been hiding in the shadows.  This week's release is out to address those!

Turns out the amazing Strikepoint Kit Relic (which doubles Fire/Plasma Damage if your attack is Penetrating) was not working on Overwatch.  Now fixed!

Another good discussion about Supply Boosters on the Steam boards has helped us tweak the RIO rate for these Tact Point upgrades.  They now pay for themselves in 8 turns instead of 10, which is a small tweak, but also means that once they are paid off you are earning faster.  They are still clearly intended for extended levels in which you're squad is planning to stick around for well more than 8 turns.

Another round of scrubbing on the combat log has fixed a few text generation issues there.  As with the bugs before, these were simply misprints in the log, and not issues with the actual combat system.

Thanks to our players who reported some issues with the Power Relay Grid! We fixed a few node connections that were giving incorrect dialog or prompts about the direction of the flow of power.

And finally, we fixed the end turn confirmation prompt.  It was popping up a lot more than it needed to, because it was counting Templars who were in Overwatch mode as 6 MP and 5 AP.  That makes your team look like its standing around doing nothing! Not so, busy shooting xeno here!

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v2.6.33 - 7/22/2017
 - Strikepoint Kit Relic deals double Fire/Plasma Damage in Overwatch
 - Reduced RIO rate on Tact Point Supply Boosters to 8 turns
 - Fixed issues with combat log - monster level and Templar defensive dice
 - Fixed minor bugs with connections in Power Relay grid
 - End Turn confirmation no longer miscounts Overwatched Templars
 - Fixed bug with overflowing level squad cap in some circumstances

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Vigilante Skies: Introducing a Gestalt Technologist

Thanks to our Patreon crew for supporting the creation of this free Star Traders comic for all!

Ava and Derrick ride with the crate as Raven drives the RTV out to the meetup. Still building up the required layers to get this done, but finally, a page away from the hand-off and then we're moving on! As Capt Avery says, "Make the damn hand off (already)!"

It is exciting to see the first Gestalt Technologist in the flesh. They're in Star Traders 2 already (without their art), along with the Chasein Doctors, the two very different medical traditions of the Star Traders people.

In the end, very happy with the taking off the helmet sequence.

Ok, new poll. The unnamed Bounty Hunter clearly arrived on this world in a starship. Likely a small one, just like Space Girl with a crew of less than 10. Now that he is captured and the hand-off is proceeding, should his crew take things into their own hand come buzzing in to try to break up the hand-off?

1) Yes! Try to break up the party with some blazing guns!

2) They're indecisive without their Captain or don't realize what has happened. The sandstorm will take care of it. Let the hand-off end!

3) Something else?

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Heroes of Steel v4.4.13: Patches and Story Prep

This week, we've rolled up a set of patches that have been brewing for a while. This is allowing us to clear the decks in preparation for the next set of small story expansions that will give Episode 4 groups full access to the entire Underdeep once again.

We fixed some bugs with Tuning crafted items -- +HP, +MP, and +Res stats were not being correctly counted when tuning newly crafted items. For shields and armors, this is especially important.

For anyone stuck in the Necromantic Sanctuary, we fixed the stairs!

For those groups hitting issues with the final story encounter with Nikolai, we've fixed the bug for all future groups coming through that area. We still have some work to do for groups that have already passed that event, but we'll get there.

A longstanding issue that you could take two separate guides into the Otherworldly Haven has finally be fixed. Thanks to the users who provided the saved games that made this fix possible!

v4.4.13 - 
 - Fixed issue with Tuning items in crafting not consider +HP, +MP, +Res
 - Fixed issue exiting Necromantic Sanctuary
 - Fixed issues with Nikolai resolution in E4
 - Fixed map issues in Ruins of Ember
 - Fixed issue with multiple guides taking you to Otherworldly Haven

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Templar Battleforce v2.6.31: Patches and Community RFEs

First, we fixed the low damage bug on Critical Hits.  They have been restored to their deserved glory, and your Templars can once again hope to see Critical! flash across the screen.

Second, this week, we've knocked off a number of patches and RFEs based on player feedback.  We've added the count of secondary objectives to the objective list so that you can see how many SOs are present while you are playing the level, not only afterwards.

The combat log was dropping damage rolls that turned up 0 -- where the armor out-rolled the damage.  But, these were some of the most interesting rolls in the game, so we've corrected that issue.

We've improved the display of many AoE Talents that were failing to list the Skill used to determine their max targets (Medic, Engineer, Tactics).  Also, we've put in a max targets number for grenade attack Talents to make it clear that grenades always have a chance to hit any enemies under the AoE template.

For debuffing accuracy and defense, if you over-curse a target's strong dice, the remaining negative points transfers down to their standard dice.  This gives high level debuffing a definite boost.

Please be sure to post on the discussion boards with your feedback or suggestions to see improvements to the game.  And, remember to leave a review!

v2.6.31 - 7/5/2017
 - Added count of Secondary Objectives to the Objectives screen during levels
 - Improved combat log to show damage and armor rolls even when final damage is 0
 - Fixed the issue with the extremely low Critical Damage
 - Overflow from debuffs on strong dice reduce weak dice
 - Clarified "max targets" in all Talent displays
 - Fixed issue with AoE attacks treating ties as misses, fixed related log issues

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