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Heroes of Steel v4.4.13: Patches and Story Prep

This week, we've rolled up a set of patches that have been brewing for a while. This is allowing us to clear the decks in preparation for the next set of small story expansions that will give Episode 4 groups full access to the entire Underdeep once again.

We fixed some bugs with Tuning crafted items -- +HP, +MP, and +Res stats were not being correctly counted when tuning newly crafted items. For shields and armors, this is especially important.

For anyone stuck in the Necromantic Sanctuary, we fixed the stairs!

For those groups hitting issues with the final story encounter with Nikolai, we've fixed the bug for all future groups coming through that area. We still have some work to do for groups that have already passed that event, but we'll get there.

A longstanding issue that you could take two separate guides into the Otherworldly Haven has finally be fixed. Thanks to the users who provided the saved games that made this fix possible!

v4.4.13 - 
 - Fixed issue with Tuning items in crafting not consider +HP, +MP, +Res
 - Fixed issue exiting Necromantic Sanctuary
 - Fixed issues with Nikolai resolution in E4
 - Fixed map issues in Ruins of Ember
 - Fixed issue with multiple guides taking you to Otherworldly Haven

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  1. In the App Store as of 3AUG2017 it still only has version 4.4.11. When is 4.4.13 coming for iPad?

    1. As soon as possible. Apple has changed some of their criteria for updates, and we need to remove all blood from all screenshots, fix some metadata, and recut the video. Sorry for the delays, this was unexpected, but we'll get through it!

    2. You and your team are awesome. Thank you for what you do.


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