Sunday, August 20, 2017

Vigilante Skies: new page and CYOA Poll

Captain Avery stands off against the Gestalt, in a half-draw stance. A tense, but quick meeting.

Thanks to @stratego on the forum for bumping me to finish this. This page had been sitting half done for too long! Excited to see the end of this episode! One more page to get back to the ship, a final crew introduction and a quick escape before the standstorm closes in. You Patreons voted on the last CYOA to "wrap it up!" instead of tossing in more complications. And I march to your orders :P

Ok, new poll. At this moment in the episode arc, there isn't any wiggle room to change the story so I'm fishing for interesting character building nuggets. There will be a nice pay day for the crew after they get free of Lioka Cross. What is one thing that a crew member is looking forward to spending those credits on? Here is a link to the crew manifest.

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Templar Battleforce v2.6.35: Breaking Ground, Armor Swap, Patches

This week's update includes a number fixes and updates suggested by the community, as well as some important work on the game's internals.  Here at TB headquarters, we've broken ground on the first steps to support official modding that would allow creation of your own levels.  It will be a long road to get there, but if this update seems a little slim, it is because of the work we did under the hood.

We also finished a bit of armor juggling in this release.  The Hydra's Mag-Core Leviathan was not moved from its spot at Hydra Specialist 3, but it was converted to be a Hydra-only armor We have also slightly improved its stats to justify the Gear Level 7. To replace the Mag-Core for Soldiers, Captains and Berserkers, we've added a new Heavy Armor, the Mammoth Leviathan, under Leader-in-the-Ranks 3.  The Mammoth is close to the original Mag-Core with some new stat improvements as well.

The details of damage caused by Tact Point defenses is now displayed in their RQ entries.  And, we added another library entry clarifying the rules on debuffs and stacking them.

v2.6.35 - 8/17/2017
 - Armor Swap: Improved Mag-Core Leviathan, but now only for Hydra's
 - Armor Swap: Added Mammoth Leviathan, Heavy for Captain, Soldier, Berserker
 - Added details about Tact Point defenses damage to RQ tree
 - Fixed display of Buffing Attacks in Templar load out screen
 - Fixed issues with level intros
 - Added library entry about Debuffs

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Latest Patreon Wallpaper

The latest monthly Patreon wallpaper shares more of the awesome art from our World's Edge project. You can see three travelers coming down the mountain pass toward the city gates of a long-abandoned and locked mountain dwarven city.

The ZIP file includes wallpaper files at 1920x1200, 1920x1080 and 800x1200 for mobile.

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My love of pen and paper RPGs is stronger than ever, and I'm excited to share it through this wallpaper.