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We're on a roll with pushing forward in the Episode 4 story now.  Another update, another extension.  We're working in small chunks, but it allows us to move forward and add exciting new content quickly.

The new content includes new shops that can provide some awesome mundane weapons and armor you might want to craft as well as a new magical gear shop popping up in Reis Lodge.

[img][/img]This update focuses on opening the Braeys lands again in Episode 4. You can now head west and return to Reis Lodge and Vrenhaulm. Beware and travel carefully, because more choices as the Chosen of Death are starting to catch up with you now.

Also, we've fixed all of the armors that were reported as uncraftable.  Thanks to everyone for sharing these, they help us make fixes.

We're planning the next update to also include another Episode 4 booster that will bring us the storyline to the very edge of the final dungeon and confrontation.  Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement!

v4.4.17 - 9/22/2017
 - Episode 4: opened westward travel out of Braeyshaulm
 - Two new travel dungeons to reach Reis Lodge and Vrenhaulm
 - Return to these Braeys cities, tread carefully!
 - New mundane weapons and armors for sale -- crafting!
 - New magical gear shop in Reis Lodge
 - Fixed issues with multiple crafted armors On Steam

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