Templar Battleforce v2.6.39: Grenades!

This week, your mighty Templars can throw grenades at any spot of open ground that they choose. It seems like a simple thing, but without it, grenades have been restricted for too long.  Free the grenades!  This new improvement makes grenadier Templars far more powerful and versatile, especially as all grenade attacks only cost 1 AP.

We've also made some tweaks to the balance two shields (thanks @drspendlove). To help sweeten the deal with the story characters Luthor and Nyra, both have received a special relic that they carry into battle. Nyra carries the mighty Renown Kit and Luthor the Bearheart Tact which grants him endless counterattacks.

Finally, we made some more fixes in the combat log to get all the values properly printed and fixed some issues with some of the big bosses in the late game.

Thanks to everyone leaving a review!

v2.6.39 - 9/15/2017
 - Grenade Talents can target emtpy ground squares - vae victus, Templar!
 - Shield Rebalance: improved Carapace Shield renamed to Orion
 - Shield Rebalance: reduced Defender Shield Auto-Block to 26%
 - Paladin Nyra Ridaan carries the Renonwn Kit Relic to battle
 - Major Luthor carries the Bearheart Tact Relic to battle - endless counters
 - Fixed combat log reporting incorrect Attribute on ranged weapon attack
 - Hive Mind boss now correctly invulnerable to flames

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