Friday, January 13, 2017

Heroes of Steel v4.2.77: Improving UI + Hovers + Patches

This week hits a bunch of areas across the game -- we're improving the UI in a new round, upgrading hovers with more data, fixing quality of life snags, and clearing some bugs from the table before the story content release.

This week, we've rebuild the waystation and campsite interfaces. They're faster to use, require no toggling between heroes, and show off the game's art better.  Enjoy!

Hovers on the map for both enemies and heroes now include all buffs and curses.  They also include the duration of those buffs and curses once they drop to 3 or below, so you can easily look over the enemy forces, or your own heroes for missing effects or ones that are about to expire.

We fixed a bug that was causing monsters to sometimes have double their buffs when the game was opened from the main menu into a pre-existing combat.  Rare, but important fix!

Finally, we fixed an issue that causing havoc with elemental res and causing magical weapons not to have their Res set properly.

We also clarified a rule in the leveling screens -- if you are using dual wielding blades, you do not get the Strength bonus to Damage for them, even if your primary weapon is Strength-based.

4.2.77 - 1/13/2017
 - Rebuilt waystation / campsite / inn interfaces
 - Mouse hovers now show buffs, curses, and durations for enemy and heroes
 - Fixed bug where first turn after load, some monsters getting double buffs
 - Fixed bug with Fire Res stacking from All Elemental Res
 - Improved UI elements across the game
 - Clarified that +Damage bonus from Strength does not effect Dual Wield in leveling screens

Monday, January 9, 2017

Templar Battleforce v2.6.7 Released!

This week, we've focused on delivering some highly requested features from the player base, as well as a number of quality of life fixes in and around hovers.

You can now see a running total of how much Heat your Templar will burn at the end of the turn in their mouse hover, as well as in their status screen.  It ticks down with every move or action you take, so its very helpful for heat planning.  Thanks to everyone who requested this.

We've also added buffing effect icons to the Templar's hover, and ensured that the include the duration once a buff drops below 3 turns left. A new quick way to survey your forces!

There was a bug that was causing ranged attack Talents that added Critical % (such as Headshot) to add twice their value in Critical.  Once you got Headshot up high enough, it was going to be 100% critical.  Thanks to the player who reported this -- now fixed.

We've improved the RQ tree confirmation box to show you exactly how many RP you are going to spend and how many you have.  Both numbers are now always visible.

 - Templar displays Heat that will be reduced at end of turn in status and hover
 - Improved Requisition display to make sure current RP always visible
 - Fixed bug with Critical % on ranged attacks being too high
 - Hovering over Templar now shows active Buffs
 - Duration of crippling effects and buffs shown in Templar hovers
 - Fixed bugs with hover text overruns

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