Sunday, February 26, 2017

Vigilante Skies pg 15 + New Poll

Happy to produce page 15 of Vigilante Skies! Took a short break to make sure the Star Traders 2 alpha got off the ground with a big bang, but I'm back on sketching pages today.

First, to catch up on the last two polls --

On page 14 , the voting Patreon crew elected (A) Hand-off as Planned. On page 15, Captain Ava is voicing the prevailing argument of the voting block who elected to stay and rid the crew of the data cube -- that if they cut and run, then the bounty hunters will just keep coming. It's better to take the risk now and get the cube delivered, if its possible.

On the latest officer poll , we ended up with 4 awesome choices for 2 male and 2 female officers. The voting was neck and neck--3 votes for everyone! In the end, I decided to just take all 4 Patreon-created characters onboard! This means we won't need another officer poll in the future, and now have a full complement of 6 Officers and 1 Captain. Running a smaller smuggling ship, the Vigilant, there isn't room for crew dogs on this boat and everyone lends a hand.

Second, what's next?

Ava's wounds have been septed and bound. Ace has discovered that someone is jamming the comm channels. It's got to be a short range jammer, something nearby. Another wrinkle in a fast approaching hand-off. Time to vote!

From the cockpit, Ace will be able to quickly triangulate the source of the jammer. Depend on its source, he may be able to route more power into the ship's comm broadcaster to cut through the jamming noise.

(A) From the Convoy - one of the crawlers in the incoming convoy has some serious electronics equipment mounted inside it, including a longer range jammer. That's either for the privacy of the meeting or it means there is going to be more trouble.

(B) Bounty Hunter - the unnamed bounty hunter deployed a jamming device somewhere outside the ship to cover his entrance. Once located, it can be deactivated.

(C) Sandstorm - ok, nobody mentioned this before but Lioka Cross is a dust ball desert world. Of course, it is prone to sandstorms. That's not a jammer, but powerful interference effect of a sandstorm that is rolling across the open desert.

(D) Other ideas?

Thanks again to all of our Patreons who make this free web comic possible!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

This week's release brings two new faces to the Templar rosters -- the hardened soldier with a mustache and a stalwart soldier in her pilot's helmet.  Always excited to add more variety to the list, bringing the total up to 38 faces and helmets now.

We've rebalanced some of the cost of the early game Relics to make them easier to snag.  This helps, as they aren't something you'll probably keep to the end game, so a big RP investment can feel like a waste a little while later.

We've fixed some missing SFX and a few display bugs in the RP tree to make sure everything you're browsing is consistently labeled.

Thanks for your support and your reviews!

v2.6.13 - 2/25/2016
 - Added 2 new Faces to the Templar Designer - now pick among 38 faces and helmets!
 - Reducing some of the early game Relic RP costs to be more inviting
 - Fixed bugs with the RQ tree display
 - Fixed some missing SFX in the HQ screens

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Templar Battleforce roars into action with v2.6.10

Templars, prepare your weapons!  We took a bit of a break from Templar Battleforce updates this month, as we've launched our closed alpha for Star Traders 2, our next game coming to Steam.  Now that the alpha is full steam ahead, and we've gotten through the first buggy stretch, we're going to get back to some Battleforce, Heroes, and Star Traders 4X Empires updates.

For Battleforce, this week, we've fixed some bugs in the last boss show down, as well as added a bunch of valuable clarifications to Talent descriptions.  Where previously we were relying on icons to indicate specific restrictions, we've added text clarification everywhere ("Flame Tank armor only", etc).

Also, thanks to the players who pointed out some issues with Sensorkit scan -- we've improved it as well as clarified some of the bonuses you get over its 10 level arc.

Martin, our artist and youngest brother, is back on the case this month as well and we will see some new character portraits coming up soon.

v2.6.10 - 2/13/2016
 - Fixed bug with boss causing invuleranbility to return too quickly
 - Clarified all rules about Talents that require special armor or weapon combinations
 - Improved balance of Sensorkit Scan and made size of fog reveal clear
 - Fixed map bugs and typos

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

First Twitch Stream

Well folks, we did it -- we joined the streaming future and did our first broadcast on Twitch.

It was fun, we messed up a lot and no one will know because we forgot to record it.

However, we did have a lot of fun and gathered some excellent feedback from alpha testers and players in general.

We're planning on trying to do some regular streaming during the ST2 alpha test and see if it something we'd want to add to our team's content.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in!   :)

TreseBrothers on Twitch