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Getting Past Level 12 in Star Traders RPG

A few people have e-mailed me about their favorite Captains and I was pretty surprised to hear about people getting up above level 12. I usually die between level 4 and level 8.

My Captains are often risk takers, but I thought I would ask anyone who is reading (and was/is playing ST-RPG)

  • Have you made it to double digit levels?
  • What is your strategy?
  • What "profession" are you playing?


  1. I'm at level 28, a Vanguard Paragon III.

    I'm curious what there is to do now. I'm a Star Hero with all three Syndicates and a Legendary Criminal Lord lord with two clans and a Criminal Lord for the third. I've beaten a Flagship Cruiser pretty easily, though it seems to REALLY suck up water/fuel (6.5 per sector move I think), so I''m not sure I can play anymore since I'm afraid that after just a couple of hops I'll be out of water.

    My profession... killing clan pirates, and killing most clan ships or at least pirating all of them. I also take out most but not all Independents. So I'm kind of at a loss for what to do. The one time I tried to harvest I lost 71 crew members.

    For my stats:
    Charisma - 15
    Wisdom - 18
    Quickness - 18
    Strength - 16

    Trained Skills
    Explorer - 1
    Pilot - 26
    Negotiate - 6
    Tatics - 20
    Stealth - 38
    Warrior - 27
    Intimidate - 10

  2. I explore and trade in artifacts, electronics, and weapons until some trading opportunity arises that could get me some nice profit as well as a rep bonus with the right sides. Like the last guy, my crew always gets killed, but that seems to have little impact on my ability to explore and find major hauls. The real trick is getting the largest ship I can get as soon as possible. That keeps me from having to waste those 60+ item finds.

    Every now and then I will take on an assassination contract, but I don't do it very often. Not really any need to...


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