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  1. Question about possible bug for unlocking Dark Nemesis on crazy... Is there some trick to this I'm not getting? It seems like you need to be hated criminal for 2 factions for extended period of time, 22 game years. Does it have to be just that level or worse? And if so, why haven't I unlocked it yet with an 80 + year career on crazy?

  2. I can assure you, Dark Nemesis is working and doesn't have any bugs. That said, it is one of the tricky ones. The Award and the Unlock are different things -- the unlock requires a certain difficulty and the Award requires certain criteria. You have to be both a SYNDICATE and CLAN 'Wanted Criminal' and it does not count 'Hated Criminal' (the Reputation level) of any particular Faction.

    So -- you must have 2 Skull Flags (Wanted Criminal) in your Faction Status. Fastest way to get to this is get 2-3 of the Syndicates to Hated Criminal and 2-3 of the Clans to Hated Criminal.

    If you earn the Award on Crazy, you'll get the Unlock because Crazy is harder than the minimum difficulty. Hope this helps. Added this to our list of Awards to make a video tutorial about.


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