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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders RPG v1.3 Player Update

Star Traders RPG v1.3 contains some significant rules changes and this post will hope to clarify them.

New: There is now a upper limit to the Water-Fuel consumption equation.

Major Factors for Low Fuel Use
  • 100% Fully Repaired Engines
  • 100% Fully Repaired Sails
  • Sails Above 20 (or above 30)
  • Engines Above 20 (or above 30)
  • Green Sectors
  • High Intimidation Skill
How to Avoid Mutiny
  • When possible, have Water-Fuel
  • Conserve Water Fuel by Repairing Solar Sails
  • Carry Luxury Rations At all Times
  • Have High Intimidate Score
  • Have High Strength Statistic
  • Avoid Red Sectors

New Fuel Usage Calculator
Limitations: Assumes Green Sector and Deep Space. Landing, Docking and Red Sectors are lots higher in some cases BUT: There is now a upper limit to the Water-Fuel consumption equation and that is true of all situations.

Ship Prices Revised

The feedback we have received was the ship prices were too high for non-combat Captains to use, so we have revised the ship cost equation. It should also be noted for those Captains shopping for a new Ship that changing the vessel can do wonders for your reputation:

Buying a ship also includes a universal pardon and reset of all criminal warrants for the Captain and Crew. Buying a new ship sets Morale to 10.


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