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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders RPG v1.81

Rich Mission Engine
  • 25 Mission Types
  • Capture Criminals in Deep Space and Spice Halls
  • Assassinate the Enemy on Hostile Planets and Fringe Settlements
  • Deliver Messages to agents in the Palace or Halls of Government
  • Escort Wanted Criminals between Worlds, Star Ports and Dead Worlds
  • And many more!

Faction System
  • 6 Competing Factions Split into Two Types -- Corporations and Monarchies
  • Be Vagabond, Hero, Criminal, Prince or CEO -- The choice is yours
  • Inspect Enemy Plants Spying
  • Blockade Enemy Planets
  • Earn Promotions to Military Rank
  • Purchase Trade Permits to Buy and Sell Illegal Goods
  • Carry A Bounty Hunter License
  • Gain Access To Military Starports
Complex Economy
  • Trade, Steal, Transport and Stockpile more than 10 unique Resource Types
  • The Choice To Deal in Illegal Goods is Yours to Make
  • Trade in Permit-Only Resources, such as Weapons and recovered Artifacts, is risky but highly profitable
  • Negotiation, Charisma, Rank, Reputation and other factors considered in pricing
Advanced Dynamic Politics
  • Criminal and Hero Status for 6 Factions
  • 5 Types of Conflicts between Factions the Player can Participate In
  • Assassin Wars
  • Trade Embargo
  • Open Stellar War
  • Spy Wars
  • Economy War
2 Types of Alliances between Factions

  • that can Hurt or Help the Player
  • Military Alliances
  • Trade Agreements
Dangerous Worlds and Complex Cities
  • More than 30 unique cities and hostile planets to explore
  • Gather Resources, Information
  • Seek out Ancient Ruins
  • Search for Criminals in Wastelands, Spice Halls and in the Palace
  • Cities respond to your rank, reputation and alliances -- be banned from your enemies Star Ports and get special treatment at the palace
Fast Paced "Card Game" Combat
  • Capture Ships
  • Enslave your Enemies
  • Capture Valuable Goods
  • Cover Your Tracks
  • Avoid Aliens, Bounty Hunters, Pirates, Opposition Military and Independent Spaces


  1. Friendly Suggestion: If I'm about to conduct a trade that will hurt my reputation with someone, I'd love to be notified before it's accepted by the Exchange.

    There's nothing more frustrating than finding some artifacts/weapons/electronics, then getting screwed on my rep because I forgot to check the Conflicts screen before selling them and a new war just popped up 1 turn ago.

  2. Jay,

    You are TOTALLY right about that! Needs to updated!

    I have created a new Issue Report that asks for an Icon to be added that warns the Captain about this type of problem.

    Thank you for your feedback.

  3. A few more suggestions:

    It'd be awesome if, after completing a mission, you weren't sent off into space automatically. I'd like to be redirected to the planet menu so I can make repairs, buy water, etc. I've had a few cases where I've completed a mission and then, after having to avoid ships when trying to land, end up snagging an unavoidable battle with a pirate and get blown up.

    Also, if there were a notification that you were about to leave resources behind which you harvested/discovered on a planet, it would also be really helpful. Sometimes I end up leaving stuff behind because of an accidental button push.

    Being able to see the price of ship upgrades right away would save a lot of menu-navigating time. Either that or greying/making the button red if you *can* get the upgrade but just lack the cash.

    But yeah, this game is great--I've been hooked on it for weeks! Thanks.

  4. The Aliens. They just mean death everytime (which is permanent on Hard mode).

    Is there no way to survive or avoid these encounters!? They don't just appear in deep space. One ambushed me outside the DeValtos starting planet!


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