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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders Work in Progress

Here are the comments I found on the Android Market about ST-RPG.
  1. base price for comodities
  2. move to sd
  3. healing your captain
  4. understand what exactly the stats do
  5. explain defeat
  6. save game / copy game
  7. so easy to die
  8. Needs a check to be sure you wish to trade in your ship
  9. Could use more animation
  10. How do you delete an old captian?
  11. Diplomacy system is schizo
  12. index file explaining things like surveillance
  13. Art gets a bit dull after a while
Everything that I made small and gray is in the current v1.2 release based on your requests.

The rest of them have been put into my Google Documents Spreadsheet and will be included ASAP!

Thank you so much for playing our Games (Evil Bears and Star Traders.)


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