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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders - Alien Incursion

In some of the darker Spice Halls across the Quadrant, you can hear the rumors. the stories, the warnings. But, with so few survivors, it is clear why the alien menaces within the galaxy are rarely discussed. And with only the most suicidal Military Officers and Captains actually seeking the alien, and there are few who get close enough to have hard information to report.

Those who have, tell horror stories of immense ships, unidentified technologies and weaponry, speed and maneuverability that make escape almost impossible, and crews in the thousands. Such reports are obviously spurious, spawned from fear, ignorance and faulty instruments. Do such alien craft exist? I find it highly doubtful. But, if you see one--you should run. Unless you are insane enough to try to capture it. Only the wildest legends claim that such ships have been captured. Have you ever met a captain who has bested the alien?

Captain Lanzo IV
Military Officer of Cadar
Elite Titan Commander, Rank 12

[ New ship art is coming to Star Traders for the dreaded alien races. Dare you stand against them and risk all? ]


  1. Totally awesome and menacing at the same time.

  2. Killer artwork on those models

  3. I believe some of the alien ships still have the white background when you encounter them ingame... Should be fixed :D

  4. dialodestroyer,

    thanks for the catch! it will be fixed with the next update.



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