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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders RPG v2.8.4

A new version of Star Traders RPG and Star Traders RPG Elite have been released to the market!

Version 2.8.4 includes a number of bug fixes:
  • Fixes Reported Force Closes
  • Fixes Memory Exhaustion Issues on HTC Wildfire
  • Attempts to Improve Vega and Nook Support / FC
as well as new features for both RPG and Elite:
  • Improved Rumor System Including UX Improvements to show Sector Name, Coordinates and Distance to Captain for all Rumor Types
  • Added 6 New Rumor Types
  • Mercenaries Rumor allows for more recruiting
  • Star Traders Rumor allows for more ship designs
  • Star Port Expansion allows for more upgrade choices
  • Military Surplus allows for more repairs and upgrades
  • Military Closure causes the Military Base to be Offline for some time
  • Spice Trader Rumor causes Morale Boost and Extra Spice Rounds
it also includes some new ship icons for RPG, Elite and Mini:
  • 4 New Ship Icon Variants
  • 5 New Ship Designs
  • Images in Star Trader
  • Images in Dry Dock
Star Traders RPG has been designed to support both Landscape and Portrait play.

This release includes a number of updates for Options that target Landscape and Small Screen use.

  • Disable Starfield -- This Option Turns Off Background Display to Save Memory and Speed Up the Game at expense of no more pretty graphics
  • Toast Combat Results -- This Option uses a Toast to show the results of battle turns so that you do not have to scroll down to see them for Landscape or Small Screens
  • Long Toast Options -- You can now ask for different types of game toasts to be displayed for longer periods of time

More discussion of the features and feedback can be found at the Star Traders RPG Player's Forum:


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