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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Lost in an Immersive Fantasy RPG

Andrew Says:
[Earlier this evening, the Trese Brothers Software development and art teams had their first chance to get lost in the truly immersive world of Secrets of Steel. Someone did the math, and said "millions of sectors," and then promptly got lost in the Salt Flats trying to find an oasis. Until the world map view is ready, this is a public warning--you might get lost in the desert. It is big, dry, and very soon to be dangerous.

This is the team--just sharing our excitement about our upcoming release of Secrets of Steel, a vast and dynamic fantasy RPG!]

Cory Says:
[Above you'll see one of the approximately 500 zones of Secrets of Steel. This particular mountain fortress is suspected to be the headquarters of a rebellious group ... Secrets of Steel is our fantasy game and when we talk about fantasy, we always talk about epic.

How epic? Get lost in the desert. Change the world. Walk the coasts, traverse the deserts. Pierce the jungles and scale the peaks. We're talking about Tolkien-style it-takes-months type world. A world that tumbles, crumbles and changes around you and with you.]

... Secrets of Steel ...
Four Friends. Fifteen playable characters. 1.4 million acres of territory. 2000 characters. 500 unique Quests. Never the same ending twice.


  1. With a map 300x larger than ST, its no wonder you got lost! Be careful traversing the deserts and jungles out there, don't want you getting lost and unable to keep up the excellent work you've been doing

  2. excited about this game. any time frame for release or some beta testing?!

  3. Andrew and I will follow the Star Traders RPG model for this game.

    That means we will release a free edition as soon as the game is playable.

    Like ST, Andrew and I have a massive roadmap that sets a vision for the game's future. And like ST RPG that roadmap is a draft and is intended to change drastically based on player feedback.

  4. Will having a horse with no name help me get through the desert?

    But seriously, I'm really looking forward to playing this.

  5. I can't wait. Thank You ahead of time.

  6. Kenny,

    Keep watching--its coming! That and more.

    You guys are the best to make games for--The Trese Brother Software team is having a blast.



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