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Secrets of Steel - Monster Variety in Tactical RPGs

In all RPGs, enemy and monster variety is critical to making battles challenging and exciting. The monsters should both help to define the feel of regions or areas, encapsulate the specific challenges of a set of quests, and present new and changing abilities that force the group to re-evaluate their tactics.

Tactics is a pretty key word there. In a tactical RPG, like Secrets of Steel, new enemies will bring new and changing abilities to the table throughout a game, forcing the player to adapt his strategies. At the same time, as the characters advance, they too gain new and exciting abilities, which can help change up the tactical landscape. For RPGs, and especially tactical RPGs, this changing landscape of abilities, enemies, and challenges (as well as a healthy variance in the battle types) keeps the game exciting and engaging. Suggestions or comments always welcome!

[Herein lines a sample of some of the recent draft work for Secrets of Steel enemies. As you can see, the variety ranges from mundane animals to mythical spirits and beasts to swashbuckling ruffians. As with other monster collages, I will re-post this as it moves along in the work flow ]


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