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Star Traders - Officers Ahoy!

Here is a sneak preview of some upcoming officers--the spy and a hardened veteran of an alien incursion. There are more to come! Who are your favorite officers? Who else should you be able to find and recruit across the Quadrant, and what special bonuses, powers, or (my favorite) disadvantages do you crave?]

As a player, officers in Star Traders are one of my favorite parts of the game. They are keep to helping me define and imagine my captain. Is Captain "Big Hands Regal" the type of pirate who keeps a beautiful political officer and a handy mechanic around to keep him out of trouble, and to keep his pile of space-hunk moving through the Quadrant, or is he a Captain who never leaves a planet's atmosphere without his deadly, trusted, and veteran military office at his side?

I find it to be defining because each officer comes with his or her own bonuses and issues. One issue is that I can only have three officers on my ship at a given time, and they all take their own cut of my profits. I want the smuggler, but I need the mechanic. If I lose the first mate, my crew starts getting grouchy. When I trade the first mate out for another leader, I always make sure to start stashing a lot of luxury rations around the place, just to make sure everyone keeps there heads on straight.

Officers will continue to be an exciting new way to assist, endanger, and personalize your captain. As more and more heroic, villainous, and questionable characters can be found in the Palaces, Star Docks, and Spice Halls across the Quadrant, the decisions about who to allow on board your mighty star liner will become more and more difficult and defining of the type of captain you are.


  1. How about:

    The Captured Alien. You could have a rumor about a crashed alien ship on a wild world. Exploring there could net you an Alien you bring on the ship instead of treasure. The Alien is not actually an officer but more of a prisoner your Captain interrogates to find where artifacts, weapons, and records are stored. This means richer treasure finds with less crew loss but with a price of a higher chance of alien encounters since the Alien will have his friends looking for him. Other Captains may try to steal him from you if they detect him during encounters. You will have to decide when the risks of keeping the Alien outweighs the benefits. Your intimidate skill could determine how reliable the information you get is and you could risk killing the Alien if you interrogate too often.

    The Technologist Doctor. He could help heal your captain during spaceflight and lower crew loss from exploration or travel. But since he is a wanted man, military ships of enemy factions would want to kill him. You could also have morale difficulties on your ship since the Doctor makes the Sick Bay look like a House of Horrors.

    Project Starchild. You could get a quest about secret experiments at a lab on a wild planet. On investigation you find a lab where a small child is being held. Your captain and crew free the child and find out he is some kind of Seer, able to know what is happening in the galaxy without needing to go to planets to get info. You could find out from him where the best prices are, where pirates are hiding, anything. The price is his handlers are after him and has put a huge bounty on his capture, meaning you will be constantly on the run. Also perhaps you need to keep Luxury rations available for him to eat or he can get ill and not help you. So that would mean you would suffer a slow diminishment on your luxury rations even if you have plenty of water-fuel. I figure his picture ought to be of a tiny, wispy-haired waif.

    Investigator. This officer is found like the regular ones and is able to increase your ability to get the scoop on rumors. You could tell him to focus on the types you care about.

    The Sisters. Three sisters, one young and pretty, one older and mature, and one old and cronish. They could provide several needs from healing, prophecy (rumor gathering), concealment (improving the ability to escape combat), or other abilities. The Captiain can change the ability used by interacting with them on the officer panel. Note they make up one officer because they all speak the same thing at the same time, or finish each other sentences, whatever is freakier. They can make it harder to get new crewmen since the ship that holds them would be considered "cursed." It doesn't help that they insist on painting sigils on the inside and outside of the ship or hanging weird totems along the hallways. It would also be like them to talk in rhyme or in riddles.

  2. Was thinking perhaps an Inquisitor-like character, maybe he can only be recruited by the Zealots? (Which brings up another idea, perhaps some Officers that will only join a certain type of Captain? Or a captain without certain flags? Probably already in progress, but thought I'd mention it) Back to the Inquisitor, he could make it so that more useful rumors appeared while exploring various worlds, or so that more contracts were available at the palace or spice halls. Just a thought.

  3. Kelvin and Justin,

    You are awesome! What amazing suggestions. I really appreciate the thoughts about how to make officers abilities reach into other parts of the game (rumors) and healing.

    But, my absolute favorite are the host of problems that officers could cause! They eat your luxury rations, they are illegals and will be confiscated if someone searches your ship, increasing the rate of alien attacks, freaking you out, etc.

    We love turn you and the other Star Traders gamers' ideas into reality! So, thanks to both of you for the great suggestion. Keep your eyes open for future updates and new officers!

  4. how to contact you on a problem with installing the game from android market because i cant find it there.

  5. You can e-mail me at

  6. I am sorry to hear that. I am trying to respond to all e-mails but some of the really short ones are being filtered by gmail as spam :(

    to sfcmradj
    date Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 12:21 PM
    subject Re: Star Traders Elite
    hide details 12:21 PM (18 minutes ago)

    This is probably Google. You may live somewhere that they do not support you! =(

    I am working to sell the game via other markets ASAP so that I can sell where Google does not.

    Do not worry, we will always support the free version with new updates while you wait! =)

    Cory Trese


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