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Star Traders RPG v3.4.0 Released

New features in our brand new Star Traders RPG release!

Here is the changelog:

Released 2/11/11

- Added 4 New Awards
- Improved Fuel Use Curves
- Added 21 Special Abilities for Classes
- Improved Water Tank
- Improved Reputation & Rank vs. Pirate Ships
- Added 16 new ships
- Improved 17 ship designs
- Reduced Memory Use, Improved Performance
- Made Challenging Easier
- Removed Alien from Challenging
- Reduced Chance of Alien
- Improved XP Bonus for Alien, Hulk, Narvidian

Released 2/6/11

- Scaled Torp Damage by Difficulty
- Hide Installed Upgrades & New Messages
- 142 Grammar fixes from Captain Stu
- Fixed Ship Upgrade Rumor
- Fixed Ram Damage Bug
- Fixed Military Base Contracts Button
- Fixed Doom Reaper III Award
- New Explorer Toasts

Released 2/3/11

- Escape Shuttle Upgrade
- Exo Tank (APC) Upgrade
- Barrage Gun Upgrade
- Predator Tracking Array Upgrade
- Merchant/Explorer/Officer Class Bonuses
- Target Tracking w/ Surveillance

The necessary download links on AppBrain and Android Market:


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