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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Secrets of Steel - Monster Variety

[The variety of dangerous duelists, spirits, and mythical beasts grows daily... Here is a completed monster collage for Secrets of Steel from a post last week!]


  1. Looks good. So we have an attack dog and a female satyr? Does she control the dog with her music or does she try controlling the player's mind? I'll refrain from shaking the reddish guy's hand but I suspect he can throw that floating scimitar of his in retaliation. The swordfighter seems very happy, I suspect as he thinks he can't be disarmed. But he can be deforearmed!

  2. The duelist does look just too happy, eh? What's his problem! He is supposed to look cocky. I will have to give him a face-lift after you decouple his torso from his arms.

  3. Whens it going to be releasedx0rs?!

  4. Patience my good friend =) As Cory likes to post on the Star Traders comment board: 1 dev, 1 artist, 140,000 downloads.

    It takes a while to make a video game of this size and immense awesome. We are slaving away, but don't hold your breath!

  5. Quick get this man some space and a shot of vudka! He's gone turning red!

  6. Our Heroes of Steel KickStarter has now been launched! This is the prequel to Secrets of Steel.


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