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Star Traders RPG v3.6.4 Released

The release of v3.6.4 is in final testing and about to be uploaded to the Android Market for Star Traders RPG Elite and RPG Free!

As usual this release includes a number of basic bug fixes, removed FC and improving the map system and avoiding freezes and memory leaks.

The Alien Hunt
The v3.6.4 release of Star Traders builds on the war between the human factions and the Narvidian and Alien creatures that stalk the quadrant. Many Captains (just read the forums) have faced the Alien scourge and among them are a select few veterans, scarred warriors with knowledge of the vile beasts.
  • Added New Officer (Alien Hunter)
  • New Officer Recruit on Wilderness Zone
  • Alien Hunter is Elite Edition Only
  • 6 New Alien Captains AI
  • 3 New Fearsome Alien Ships
  • $25,000 Credit Bonus for Alien
  • $250,000 Credit Bonus for Alien w/ Alien Hunter
Unlocking Content with Awards
A favorite feature among RPG games is unlockable optional content and abilities. This release brings several new content unlocks to existing awards:
  • Ships of Power -- Hero of the Syndicates
  • Ships of Honor -- Hero of the Clans
  • Rapid Contracts II -- Smuggler Officer Special Ability

The Ships of Power and Honor
For the "Hero of the Syndicates" Awards on Crazy difficulty there is a new, unique, Faction-specific ship to be found (one available for each Syndicate.) Likewise with the "Hero of the Clans" Awards on Crazy difficulty the player will unlock three new unique ships, each specifically designed to match the Faction from which it can be purchased.

These unique "Power" and "Honor" ships are not seen in random combats and can only be purchased by the player after completing the necessary unlocks.

The Smuggler Officer
For the player who likes executing Contracts and smuggling, there is a new unlockable ability for the Smuggler Officer. By completing Rapid Contracts III on Crazy difficulty, the Smuggler Officer gains the ability to protect 1 Package or Passenger Contract from seizure or execution during a Warship Search.


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