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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Trese Brothers Software on Amazon!

The Amazon App Store has launched and Trese Brothers Software was there on day 1!

Have you ever wanted another copy of Star Traders RPG? Here is your chance to buy another copy.


  1. With tons of new features and all the major FC's fixed, I'd say Star traders is off to an amazing start om amazon app store!

  2. I am curious to see how many people start participating in Amazon discussions and image sharing around Android applications and games.

  3. What annoys me though.. is the face that Amazon Appstore aint avaiable in europe.. at least not yet.

  4. Long post shortened by a mispost eating it.

    Amazon app store is -BAD-.

    I do not like it one bit. I'm hesitant to even use the free app a day because devs do get paid a percentage of retail for each free install and I simply don't want to support this and hope to send a message to devs that the Amazon appstore is bad.

    It's a constant requirement for every app purchased/installed from there, you can't remove it later after you've gotten what you've wanted.

    It forces one click ordering, and even if you SPECIFICALLY disable this in settings, it's still active on the app store. This is bad practice.

    I'm not happy with Amazon's App store in the least.

  5. nanenj,

    Thanks for sharing your position! Definitely the Amazon app store has its quirks and extra regulations. It is still far behind the main market, and is limited to the USA right now, which is a big problem.

    I'd suggest continuing to use the android market if you are happier there. As a game company, its an extra distribution channel that we need to leverage, but we will _always_ provide free and paid versions of our apps on the main Android Market!


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