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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Artist's Workshop

I have posted before about my art processes, decisions made, tools used. As I have worked through the art process of Cyber Knights, I am continuing to refine my processes. I'd be interested in advice that other artists might have on how to optimize the artist's workshop.

I use a Waccom tablet (Bamboom, the small one) and a laptop (15" screen or something). I travel like crazy and have a pension for not working at home (cafes). I wish I had two screens (see the screenshot below) but can't carry one with me.

The more I work with larger sets of art files, all focusing on the same character, asset, or theme, the more I tweak and try to change my working environment. Consistency of style, character, and appearance are all critical, and it drives me to want to be able to look at all the resources associated with a certain subject while adding a new piece of art.

I'd love suggestions from any of the artists out there on ways to better my Artist's Workbench!


  1. If I were to use a portable monitor, I would probably buy from one of three sources:
    Whether you've heard of these solutions before or not, they're still awesome. I would prefer a mmt2 with a Lenovo x220t in tablet mode at the bottom, but it really depends on your needs.

  2. Doidle,
    Have you used one of these for a while? I am most interested in durability, since the products all look like beautiful picture, nice mounts, and the right size. All of my electronics gear takes a beating constantly (going to have to get a new Waccom soon) and am wondering if a monitor like this would survive 6 months in my backpack.


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