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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights RPG v0.1.19 Released

A new version of our 9 day old Android RPG can be found on the Google Android Market:

If you are looking for a more polished experience, try out our previous Android RPG, Star Traders:

- WARNING: CyberKnights Can Die
- New Character Class Stats
- New Heat/Rep Bars
- Improved Skill / Att Display
- Negotiation Skill
- Hacking Skill
- Job Expiration
- Improved Ammo Toasts/ Screen

Bugs Fixed:
- No Encounters game day 1
- 21 New Computers
- 10 New Monsters / 72 New Battles
- 2 New Sprites
- New Side Quests
- 2 New Weapons

  • Negotiate Price of Contract Resolved
  • Use Security Rating vs. Hacking Test Resolved
  • Exhausted Status Blocks New Jobs Resolved
  • Exhausted Status Blocks Negotiation Skill Resolved
  • Increase Rep for Most Job Types Resolved
  • Chance of XP on Escape Resolved
  • MiniMap : Stop Toasting Non-Current Region Resolved
  • Reduce Street Rep For Death Resolved
  • Lower Sale Price of Pay Data Resolved
  • Add Small Gang Pay Data Drops Resolved
  • Balance Drug Prices in Stores Resolved
  • Add Toasts for Poisonous Gas Clouds Resolved
  • Karma and Hotel Music Play Bugs Resolved
  • Expand Rep & Heat Toast and Click Area Resolved
  • Rename all Johnson to Connector Resolved
  • Add Tactical Computer Sale to Ammo Shop Resolved
  • Expire Jobs on Hotel Exit Resolved
  • Armor Plated Duster Icon is Wrong? Resolved
  • Out of Ammo Should Tell User What Kind is Out of Resolved
  • Notification Toast about Why Escape Failed Resolved
  • Rename "Clip" to AmmoPak Resolved
  • guns do not indicate their required ammo type Resolved
  • Blue Ox needs 1 hotel Resolved
  • Attack goes to Shoot in melee combo Resolved
  • in mini-map, show time remaining on contract on old item New


  1. Wow - simply amazing. Keep up the fantastic work! =)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Your latest update seems to dislike my phone. It hard crashes after downloading the update and struggles to boot back into Android.

    It took three attempts, removing the battery every time and improper boots to finally download and install the update (0.1.21)

    Application seems to operate normally.

  4. Elcome, sounds like a strange installation issue? Glad to hear the app is up and running along. Best of luck on your next run. Keep an eye on your Connector--with your luck, he might try to backstab you!


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