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Star Traders: Quick Game Guide

In steam of conscious format:

Here is what I played last night.

Hybrid Smuggler / Explorer, Javat.

My game was on Impossible, but it should work on any difficulty.

Our early game goal is to get to $150K credits and purchase Ship #2 (this ship we will use if the main ship gets badly damaged.)

We go to the main world, pick up 4 Contracts immediately from the Spice Hall. Javat Prime has a very high rating Spice Hall and is good for early game missions. After you have 4 new Contracts, Recruit.

If you started with money, spend it all on Water-Fuel (unless +6 Nano-Coat upgrade is available.)

Now go to Palace, complete Contract. Upon returning to space, complete the 4 additional Contracts as quickly as possible. Use Zoom Map to plot a fast course between them.

Early in the game we have to move fast -- difficulty is rising rapidly as the peace between the Factions collapses. We are going to complete Contracts Rapidly for Javat Prime, from the Spice Hall. Avoid combat, avoid missions against Rychart and Steel Song (we will use them for smuggling routes later.)

Do NOT buy a Trade Permit, Death Warrant or Promotion (YET.) Those will give the Faction the idea you want harder and harder missions for more and more money. You do not, you want to be a successful Captain, not a hero.

Complete the first 9 Contracts (you should also achieve 2 awards along the way here, go the the Hall of Records in the Palace to record them.) Go fast!

Now we switch to Explorer. Use your XP to max out your Explorer skill.

Spend your XP ONLY on specific stats. Raise Explorer, Tactics, Stealth and Pilot. Ignore Warrior and Intimidation and Negotiation. Raise them to 3 and ignore them after that. After get raise Explorer to equal the Attribute, we will not raise it again. Exploration is dangerous in the end game and our build is for survivable success, not immeasurable riches.

Do NOT raise your Attributes unless you absolutely have to. Focus 100% on skills until you cannot raise them without resorting to Attributes.

Now we leave Javat Prime -- set a course for Javat Mining Camp. When we arrive, buy full hold of water-fuel and a Trade Permit. Land in the wilderness. Stash all the Water-Fuel (save 4 units.) Now Explorer time. Never Send the full Crew. Aim for a Crew of about 21 on Javat Mining Camp.

Sell all your exploration finds at Javat Mining Camp. Stash if Javat has a trade war or if mining camp is embargoed.

If the Explorer returns start to drop to 1s, return to Javat Prime and do spice hall missions. Your reputation is getting very high and you are tempted to purchase Rank. Do NOT exhaust Javat Mining Camp by pushing your luck. You need that world.

Once you have Tactics 10, start exploration on Rift Leporis. We are nearing the end of Exploration time and you should have a ton of cash and rep with Javat. Relatively neutral with most others. You should be maxing out Pilot and Stealth and Tactics. This should be requiring you to raise Quickness and Wisdom and ignore Strength and Charisma.

Spend your money on upgrading your ship with +Crew, +Cargo, +Armor. Other upgrades are not useful to us.

Once the ship is fully upgraded, we should purchase a Javat Cutter. It will cost around $150K if we buy it during a rumor, more if we do not. Once we buy that ship we should keep it dry docked and upgrade it with our Explorer Surplus.

Once that Javat Cutter is upgraded, we start going to the end of the Rychart and Steel Song territory. We repeat this process with those two clans using missions and exploration.

I won't bore you with the specific worlds, but at this point the Steel and Rychart Contracts you get will still be Delivery missions, but should take you all over the map (in your AWESOME Javat Cutter)

Now you start trying to get to +10 Rep with everyone (sell them records you buy @ Indy worlds) so you can purchase trade permits. Enough trade permits will make smuggling life easier.

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