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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders RPG v3.8.15 Released

A new release of our flagship epic space role playing game (RPG) Star Traders RPG has been released to the Android Market:

With a bunch of new features and fixes, this is a great upgrade for new and old players alike.

v3.8.15 - 7/11/2011
- New Sector Status: Fuel
- New Battle Animation
- New Sector Status: Rep/Rank
- New Sector Status: Contracts
- Damage Smoothing Equation (Less Engines, More Crew/Armor)
- Fixes for Cargo Bonus Rules (Minor Bugs Fixed During Blog Post Research)
- Fixed XP Exploit
- Improved Pathfinder for Elite Map Size (Performance, Accuracy)
- Text Cleanups and Typos
- Balanced Some Ship Statistics (Bounty Hunter, Elite Ships)


  1. You guys ever thought of using A* for your path finding, or are you using a custom one?

  2. Xaero, the newest release of Trese Brother's games all use the A* algorithm for path finding, including Star Traders! Thanks for the suggestion... we just switched over a month or two ago from a some crazy path-finding code that tried to emulate how a vudka-drunk pilot's path finding routine. That one didn't know about more than two AU ahead of you (his vision is blurred) and had an odd peculiarity where it liked to sling-shot around suns (he likes "to feel the G's").

    The drunk has been stashed in the cargo hold and an A* Pilot has been put in its place!

  3. I know.. you're thinking, "Wait, artists writing code?!"

  4. Nope, I don't think that at all! It's great to see artists with the capability to write good code. As a programmer, I can barely draw a stickman to save my life. Many artists that I've worked with haven't an affinity for code, and it's tough, at times.

  5. Xaero,

    Actually, I happen to be the other way around--engineer turned artist. I am actually working somewhere in the back office on an (semi-embarrassing) blog post that details my progression of artistic talent, starting with my first ... junk and ending with my my most recent works (see Cyber Knights).

  6. So, still junk?

    Haha I'm totally kidding ;)

  7. I am still learning at a pretty good clip, so I think when I look back at the art I produced now, I am hoping that it will be part of that "growth period" and that I have not topped out in talent.

    But, that's up to you and the rest of the players to decide!


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