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Star Traders RPG v3.9.5 Released

A new version of Star Traders RPG can be found on the Android Market.

This release includes several recent player requests that have now been fully tested and "balanced" as best we can. One in particular is that the Escape Shuttle now protects the Captain and Officers in case of Execution as well as Hull breach. (The Captain cannot use the Escape Shuttle to escape from having zero Health.)

We also have had some reports from the player's forum ( about a crash during a Blockade. We believe that this release should both fix that crash and improve the performance of blockade.

v3.9.5 - 7/26/2011
  • Escape Shuttle Stops Execution Defeat
  • Re Balanced Ship Prices (+/- 18%)
  • Added 18 New Elite Ships (Now 40 Each Type!)
  • Improved Blockade Performance
  • Fixed Blockade Force Close
  • Fixed Star Trader Special Ability
  • Better Ship Trade In
  • More Available of Upgrades/Ships for Sale
The free version:

Elite paid version:

Several major ship changes were tested leading up to this release, these centered around military ship costs for Fast / Quick ships as well as a re-balancing of some starting ships and Rank / Unlock ships.

This thread ( from the forum touches on some of those topics as well.

In addition to these changes a revision has been made to the core pricing logic for ship trade ins and ship yard pricing calculations. These should result in overall better trade in prices and slightly more expensive ships for higher difficulties.

This revision amounts to an average of of 18% change across all ship prices. This is the first step in a revision of ship pricing as we move the economic and player ship management system forward (towards bases and capture / flag missions.)


  1. There is also the forum post:


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