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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights RPG v0.3.9 Released

A new version of Cyber Knights RPG Beta has been posted.

Thank you for supporting our new project

8/10/2011 - v0.3.9
* Improved Clinics Features
- Fixed Encounter FCs
- Fixed Clinic FCs
+ New BETA Contact: Texas Powers
- 24 New Dialogs
- 30 New Jobs
- 6 New Rep Rewards

This release corrects a number of issues with the new Clinic feature and fixes all the FC reported today.

This release also includes a new beta contact (he has some issues, some of his dialog is incomplete.) This is a new type of "ladder climber" contact that the Knight uses to get in with a Faction. This guy is Brave Star and you can find him at a star bar located in New Boston.

Fixers, Connectors, new jobs and sneak dealers are popping up all over the zone.

Beyond that, you can now remove / replace your character's implants -- and it should work on everyone's phones now =)

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