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Star Traders RPG v3.9.13 Released

v3.9.13 - 8/9/11
  • NEW Fuel Curves By Difficulty
  • Fixed Fuel Use Display in Cargo
  • Resource Rumor Display Shows AU Range
  • Resource Rumor Display Plot Course Button
  • Fixed some Typos
  • Fixed Reputation Award Bug
  • Fixed Spice Hall FC
  • Improved Low Memory Performance Option
  • Fixed Another Sound Bug
  • Slightly More XP - Merchants

We have heard some feedback that the fuel usage calculation was too harsh on lower difficulties. We have adjusted that.

There has long been some feedback that the "fuel breaks" at 20 and 30 didn't make as much sense now that we have more ships with "mid-break" solar and engine values. Therefore, we have changed over to a curved scalar. 20 and 30 are still significant, but fuel savings will be increased (slightly) for each point between the two curve anchors.

There has been recent feedback about the cargo display of fuel usage. We've fixed up some of the modifiers that we used to try to keep it as accurate as possible considering all the things (accidents, Crew, rumors, skills) that change it over time.

The performance of the "Low memory" options was again improved. If you are having trouble making ST RPG run as fast as you want -- or if you get random crashes -- turning on "low memory settings" might really help.

Of course, we work to service all e-mails and "REPORT" buttons with each release. Lots of new phones are hitting the market and we're moving as rapidly as we can to support those.

On that line, a few new phones have some sound issue that Google is working to resolve -- and we're just working around for the time being.

Thanks to everyone who helped with this release.

If you keep helping and keep encouraging us we'll try to make the next release even better.

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