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Star Traders RPG v4.0.0 Released

v4.0.0 - 10/13/2011
  • Major Combat / Boarding Overhaul
  • Fixes Award Display in Elite
  • Combat Dice Tweaks
  • Combat XP Curve Tweaks
  • Fixed Upgrade Counts in Starport
  • New Hazard Toasts & Options
  • New Alien AI (2 types)
  • New Bounty Hunter AI (1 type)
  • New Warship AI (2 types)
NEW: Elite Negotiation Special Abilities
  • StarPort Reputation (Star Trader)
  • Palace Reputation (Captain)
  • Exchange (Merchants)


  1. Not sure I like the new Major Combat/Boarding Overhaul. Installed the update, dead in next battle. I am not even sure I want to play any more.

  2. Well I'm sorry you lost a character -- if it makes you feel any better I lost several hundred making the update.

    No first release is perfect and I expect that 4.1 will include more changes based on feedback. If you would like to include any more details in a post or an e-mail to I will make certain that your feedback is included in that upcoming update.

  3. Ehi Shade c'mon ^^; I lost 4 fresh captains(max lvl 11) with the update,but i think combat is improved ^^ i think the system ehm prize the captain quickness and tactics(not skills or attributes,i'm speaking of your gaming ability)^^ i've experienced that if i quickly fired a torp,then closed distances,boarded and fired decks(in 4 phases) i had more victory chances,even if i missed a torp,or failed boarding^^ it's a....crew morale combat way...^^but also i've seen that it'snt the only one possible....^^


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