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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Trese Brothers on YouTube

We are excited to open up our own YouTube channel (Channel: Trese Brothers) and post our first video up there.  Its one of the most useful beginner tips for new Cyber Knights gamers.

Check it out:

Its my first real attempt to make video, so its like my artwork--it has a long way to go!  Excited to start learning more about video and increasing the quality as we start to fill the channel with exciting tidbits, promos, and more tips!  Hope you all enjoy the tip and get some mileage about of McFly--he can be a real life saver.


  1. If you guys can manage to get your way into their beta, Bluestacks might be a better way to get videos recorded. They've ported Android to PC, that way you'd be able to use other desktop recording software instead of a camera recording a device.

    Looking forward to some Star Traders videos too!

  2. @grimnir - thanks for the pointer to BlueStacks. It will be an interesting world when the same game can be played on Android and PC! In the mean time, that might be a good way for us to make higher quality videos. Lots of people are working on these types of solutions, using custom hardware to customer software.

    ST and TA are next up for their video debut!

  3. Good stuff, I forgot where I first found McFly. I figured I'd catch him shooting past on a hoverboard -_-

  4. Those old McFly brothers =) been known to cause some trouble, especially in the far distance, dystopian future.


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