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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights v0.6.59 Update Released

We just released a brand new update to our Cyberpunk / Shadowrun-inspired RPG: Cyber Knights!

v0.6.59 - 5/8/2012

  • Mini Map Tap-to-Walk
  • Long Press Arrow for Mini Map
  • Fixes Contact Bugs
  • Fixes Inventory Issues


  1. Please Cory try to get back the previous combat menu... I'm talking about the pop-up with the combatants statistics. It's all messed up now, with the ready button on the right you can't see the combatants statistics, only phisical. It worked fine before! I'm using a SGS2...

  2. Possible this is being driven by party size or your character's names ... none of that code has changed.

    We'll work on improving the support for your device if possible. Thank you VERY much for the report!


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