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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights RPG -- Rumors & Conflicts

Status > Politics > Rumors (Cyber Knights RPG v0.8.3)

Cyber Knight RPG has been getting a lot of focused effort lately as Andrew and Cory work on preparing the CK game engine for the upcoming tutorial and story mode releases.

One unrelated, but substantial new feature is the rumors, conflicts and political simulation system. There have been several threads on the game's forum discussing the 24 different Rumors and 6 different Conflicts ( and we thought we would take to the blog to discuss some of the background and concepts in more detail.

The goal of the Rumor/Conflict System (R/C System) is to make the New Boston Zone (NBZ) more dynamic, more interesting and more challenging. The R/C System accomplishes this by plugging into the natural storyline of power-struggles in the streets and translates that underlying element of CK into the forefront of the game.

Instead of imagined corporate warfare between Mars and AzTek Global the R/C System makes it much more real for the game's player. Like Star Traders RPG (now available on the iPhone) the character's actions will have a more direct impact on the game.

Running a lot of Data Courier missions between Mars and AzTek? You might trigger a Matrix War conflict between the two Factions. That conflict may last days or weeks, perhaps even longer.

In the new R/C System Conflicts will drive Faction power up or down, depending on how the chips fall in the NBZ. Perhaps Mars will get ahead, perhaps the Matrix war will bring both corporation's networks to their knees.

As the Conflicts develop and spread, the R/C System models the results of these on-going battles in Rumors, both for Zones and for Factions. Perhaps the Matrix War triggers an increase in Matrix Security for all Mars Matrix Hosts. Another possibility is that all the Data Terminals are offline in one or more territories controlled by Mars.

And throughout the game engine, the connections run deep. Matrix Wars drive up prices on hacking and data courier jobs while Data Terminals going offline impact Matrix host network maps and drive down pay data prices. A savvy Cyber Knight will be able to predict the probable impacts of various Conflicts (to an extent) and modify the character's strategy to take advantage of the shifting political winds.

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