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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights RPG v0.8.5

Cyber Knights RPG is a cyberpunk RPG set in the far future. The year is 2217 and the world is over.

CEO and corporate power-brokers control the remnants of the world economy and provide the survivors shelter in vast domes that protect the world's few remaining cities.  Protection or prison, these domed cities are the only places on Earth that can safely support human life. Across the shattered surface of our planet, the Global Matrix has been resurrected, reconnecting the scattered cities, criminal organizations and corporations.  The global net’s return has reignited wild fires of conflict between corp, street and gang. The line between man and machine is blurred as cybertech and nanotech become mainstream for the dome's populations.

Nearly unlimited computational power in the form of cheap quantum computing has changed the landscape of corporate espionage and conflict in the 23rd century. A new breed of corporate raider is born -- the Cyber Knight. Equipped with state of the art quantum cryptography the Knight is the only citizen of the dome that can store, transport and deliver critical intelligence, secure files and financial transactions. In demand and in constant danger, the life of the Cyber Knight is fast, short and brutal. A select few will rise above the streets and become elite corporate warriors. Which will you be?

v0.8.5 - 11/25/2012

  • Re-balanced combats in Gang areas
  • 32 new Battle Groups
  • 2 new enemies
  • Improved Small Screen Support
  • Fixed Paydata Crash
  • Inventory Defaults to "Carried"
  • Fixing "Dark City" Errors
  • Fixed Zombie Character Error (HP = -1)
  • Fixes Reported Crashes
  • Balancing Weapon Prices

Cyber Knights RPG, for Android is a hit with ShadowRun and CyberPunk 2020 players.

Google Play Cyber Knights RPG Free

Google Play Cyber Knights RPG Elite

Amazon Cyber Knights RPG Free

Amazon Cyber Knights RPG Elite


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  2. @andrew - thanks for the compliments! We hope that you will join us on Facebook and / or our user community forum:

  3. you guys truly inspire other Android Devs...
    talk about raising the bar!!!


    that's intense!



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