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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders - Ship Charts

Thanks to @pokerjunky on our forums who has contributed and hosted this amazing Star Traders charting tool which allows you to compare and contrast all of the ships within the Star Traders Quadrant.  You can see the app here:

Please check out this amazing resource.  It is especially exciting to see someone else's charts and mathematics show that our ship balancing algorithms have achieved their purpose!  We hope that this will help you pick the best warship, smuggler, and defender as you build the fleets for your Captains ... and beyond.

Pokerjunky explains his process on the forum:

Thanks to all our awesome fans.  We could do not do it without you, and its killer to have so many of your creating fan fiction, chart apps, detailed and interactive maps, and for sharing your knowledge on the forum and our other channels!  Thank you again!


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