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Cyber Knights is Coming

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A Cyber Knight's Story: Made, Not Born

The new release of the Cyber Knight's Story: Made, Not Born has cause a lot of buzz in the community, and some of our members are writing awesome fan fiction or shorts about the character. This short paints the moments before the fateful phone call to Luka at the beginning of the story.  Thanks to @blackgauntlet!

"Hey! Hey, esse! Where are you?!", I yelled, half-expecting a lean Latino to crawl out from that heap of burning metal. Nothing... as were all mine belongings in the luggage trunk. There was absolutely zilch left for salvage. The only thing intact is the Driver Identification Plaque on the dashboard designed to withstand such collisions. Why they don't make the entire car out of such materials? Well, not impossible, but I think a Taxi Driver won't be able to afford it.

So, who's this friendly chap who engaged in all those banter and information about the NBZ? Let's see. Emilio Perez. In some ways, Taxi Drivers are just like Cyber Knights. Which is what I'm going to become. Cyber Knight, that is. Not a Taxi Driver.

I checked on my self. Nothing but my PDA and a glistening V-Chip marked 'Luka'. I am, was, a runner for Mars Corp in another Dome. After serving my time under a few Knights, the people up there finally saw some potential in me and proposed a deal with me. A devil's deal to become a CyberKnight. All they need from me is a) my life savings, b) utmost secrecy & c) 'loyalty' and they will give me a neural implant surgery to insert a computer into my brain. The mark of a CyberKnight.

And when they said "loyalty", I couldn't help but suppress my laughter. I have ran with Cyber Knights from almost every faction and corporation there is in the world on missions for Mars. I guess clause 'C' is more referential than compulsory, as implied.

"Reset", I commanded the PDA. "Rebooting... Initializing... Good day, sir. How may I address you?", pipped the PDA. I took a deep breath. Looking at the iridescent flower of light shone by the sun casting onto the Transpex steel dome, I pondered and turned off the PDA for now.

I'm in the NBZ now. Far away from home, if I could call that 'home'. I am soon to be born again, and I will no longer be who I was. Scanning around, I know I'm in Fennian territory, as described by Emilio, with all the churches and religious doctrines splashed all across the place. One message did grabbed my interest, "Yahweh Saves.So should you, in case the game crashed from lack of memory."

Yahweh saves... Smiling to myself, I turned on the PDA and uttered my new name and slot in the V-Chip. Almost immediately, my PDA rang...

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