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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Made, Not Born - A Cyber Knight's Story

The Making of a Cyber Knight . . . 

Trese Brothers is excited to announce the long-anticipated arrival of the Story: Made, Not Born. The gritty tale of a new Cyber Knight, created by the Mars Corp, born in the dark and dangerous tunnels beneath the New Boston Zone.

Boasting more than 10 hours of game play, a thorough introduction of all of the core concepts of Cyber Knights, and many unique missions, Operations, and Ladder Connectors -- "Made, Not Born" offers new and exciting paths to enter the cyber -punk world of 2127.

Two Unique Runners or Allies

The "Made, Not Born" story is a combination of an interactive tutorial for the game, helping train a new player to the difficulties and challenges of the life of a Cyber Knight in the NBZ. If you play your cards right, it all can culminate in a major Operation -- the big job the Cyber Knight is truly made to cover.

"Made, Not Born" Offers:
  • More than 10 hours of game play
  • Introduction to the core concepts of Cyber Knights
  • 4 possible endings -- all story endings leave the Knight in the NBZ sandbox
  • 2 unique Runners or Allies
  • Unique Safe House, Ladder Connectors, Combat Training, Contacts, Story Missions
  • Chance to complete a veteran Operation for a major Megacorporation
  • Access to the Tunnels under the NBZ (4 zones)
  • Limited to the CyberSword, Gunslinger, or Sniper professions

Unique Characters and New Art

 Look forward to new content being added to the "Made, Not Born" story as Trese Brothers continues to expand this story pack, adding side-quests, resolving bugs, and adding more easter-eggs.


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