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Heroes of Steel - Concept Art

Wizard and Thief

Rogue and Soldier / Duelist

What to do with a day stuck in a hotel airport waiting for Nemo to pass?  The right answer was definitely draw for concept art for Heroes of Steel!! And so Update #6 was born.  
What it all got me thinking about was sharing with you -- our backers and community -- to see which concepts you liked best.  It's great to have an interested community so early in a game's life to work with and gain feedback and insight into which designs are resonating.  So, I am posting four character concepts below -- the Wizard, the Thief, the Rogue, and the Soldier / Duelist.  I know the latter two characters are only accessible in a stretch goal, but what can I say -- I can't help but dream that we can all get there together!  The latter two are also in a much earlier stage of "concept" than the first two, who are halfway to the clean line stage.
So -- what do you think? What do you like or dislike?  Who would you want leading your squad?  I will be syndicating this update out to all our channels asking for feedback, so leave comments here or email me at or get in touch with us on any channel you want (Facebook, our forum, etc).
Will you join the Heroes of Steel project on KickStarter and help make Heroes a reality?
Let's make this happen, together,
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